10 Useful Computer Tips For Incoming College Freshmen

  1. Choose a laptop. While the desk you’ve reviewed may seem tempting, a laptop computer is the most logical choice for any student; They are lightweight, portable and safe. In addition, modern laptops are designed for high speed and have an incredible amount of storage space.

Purchase a comprehensive security package with software that protects against phishing, spam, spyware, and viruses. It protects you while online and protects your computer.

  1. Use strong passwords to set up your computer and online accounts that contain a combination of letters, symbols, or numbers that others find difficult to guess. Never share or write down your passwords.
  2. If your school offers them, take advantage of free software licenses. For example, some schools offer students licenses for Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, or even security software that is included in tuition fees.
  3. Always keep a firewall on your computer so that hackers can’t access information on your computer.
  4. Use an external hard drive to store music files and digital photo libraries; So you won’t take the precious space on your computer’s hard drive with files that you probably don’t need to access every day.
  5. Set up email filters to prevent spam and other unwanted emails from entering your inbox.
  1. When using a public computer (such as in a campus library) do not store login accounts and always log out of network accounts before leaving the computer. Also, never leave your computer unattended with sensitive information on the screen, even for a minute.
  2. Free file-sharing websites are popular on college campuses, but most (if not all) contain spyware, trojans, viruses, and other malware and code that can seriously damage your computer. Don’t use these programs and remember that downloaded music and movies are illegal.
  3. Imagine losing your entire music library. Or your last thesis you worked on last month. Back up all the important documents and files on your computer. If you need backup software for Windows or Mac, there are a wide range of vendors offering reliable backup solutions suitable for students.

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