11 Best Fiverr Alternatives for Freelancers and Small Businesses

Fiverr Alternatives:

No doubt Fiverr is well known and the world’s top outsourcing website online today. The Fiverr revolution brought a lot of freelancers from other freelancing websites. The problem was that Fiverr took a high cut from freelancers.

It made also difficult for the smaller customers to find service providers and small projects were not profitable for the service providers. That’s why people started looking for alternative Fiverr like sites in which the service providers and customers match with suitable tasks.

Jobs for freelancers are being created every day and the trend is showing no sign of slowing down. However, with the increasing demand from customers for quality work at affordable prices. Many other sites are trying to capture a portion of the market share by coming up with Fiverr alternatives.

1. Workother

workother is the largest online freelancing platform for freelancers in the world. It helps millions of businesses hire, manage and pay their team from anywhere in the world.

Its global reach extends to thousands of cities across the Americas, Europe, Southeast Asia, India, and Africa. Founded over 12 years ago and now more than 10 million projects have been posted on it. It is the best place to build your freelance career.

Freelancing is a great alternative to a traditional 9-to-5 job. But choosing where to find the best jobs for you can be tough.

Some things are meant to be together. And when it comes to freelancing and small business workother is a great platform for freelancers. Their mission is to create a better world for freelancers and small businesses through the sharing of knowledge.

Therefore, they’ve created the most dynamic workother marketplace in the world. A safe place for freelancers and small businesses to connect, engage, learn, and take their business to the next level. We’re excited you’re here.

2. Freelancer.Com


Freelancer.com is the leading digital marketplace for freelancers and small businesses. Today it connecting over millions of professionals with thousands of technical and non-technical jobs.

Freelancer.com’s mission is to empower the world’s workforce by giving job seekers a dynamic place to find work and get paid. And it also helps businesses to bring their ideas to life through access to a global network of freelance talent.

From web development and graphic design to accounting and multi-language translation, a freelancer is the best option. This gives everyone the opportunity to live out their dream of being a freelancer, earning extra cash, or a full-time living.

This is a network of over 13 million talented freelancers in over 180 countries. It enables an opportunity for businesses to scale their operations, or start their projects faster and cheaper than ever before.

3. LinkedIn


LinkedIn is a hub where professionals in the same industry can build and grow nurture relationships. It also helps to find jobs and opportunities, sell knowledge or expertise, share valuable information and make business deals.

It has a community that consists of not only professionals in the same industry but also recruiters looking for talent. And this can be a great source for both freelancers and businesses to get into connecting.

If you’re an entrepreneur or freelancer, LinkedIn is the right place. Whether you’re looking for a job, hiring for a project, sharing best practices, or connecting with your peers to make an impact in the world of business LinkedIn is the professional network for you.

LinkedIn connects you to the people and companies you need to get hired, sold, or get business. It is designed as a social network platform for professionals. However, it serves as an online business card with which users can connect with other LinkedIn members.

4. FlexJobs


FlexJobs is a Digital Marketplace for Part-Time, Flexible, and Gig Work. It’s ideal for finding part-time work, full-time employment, or anything in between.

FlexJobs offers Jobs, Installs, Freelance Projects, and Gigs in the categories of customer service, graphic design, writing/content creation, teaching jobs, accounting & finance jobs, and health care jobs.

It is a great online destination for professionals seeking telecommuting, flexible schedules, and freelance, part-time, and flexible contract work opportunities. FlexJobs are a leading platform for jobs of all types and industries. With over 150 million members, it is the largest and fastest-growing job site.

Their mission is to help everyone to find a perfect career that meets not only their career goal but also their personal goals. Therefore it is the best talent source for small freelance jobs.

By joining this site, you can find the best professional opportunities across 50+ categories, with weekly listings and millions of job-seeker visitors to your profile for easy access to work.

5. Guru


The Guru platform is ideal for innumerable types of freelancers, indie businesses, and micro-businesses. It is the most trusted and vast landscape of one million small businesses in South Africa. This SA freelancers community has been largely untapped by online marketplaces.

They have made it easy to hire and manage top-tier talent around the world. Hiring is free, and there are no fees for connecting with Guru’s talent community.

Guru helps small businesses gain access to top industry experts–from technology to marketing to copywriting to finance. Guru is the platform that powers the new independent workforce.

It is a rapidly growing marketplace where freelancers and small businesses can easily find reliable help when they need it. Now, you don’t have to settle for an unreliable virtual assistant or use your vacation days to catch up on chores.






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