How To Become A Video Game Developer

There are also video games that teach you how to code, including Code Monkey, CodeCombat, Robocode, and Codewars. A video game developer is someone who brings to life the designs, mechanics, and assets that the game design and art departments have produced. They are the technical side of the game production team and possess strong computer programming skills and knowledge of game engines. The gaming industry is full of programmers, artists, designers, and others who started out as novice video game testers. The thing is, once you have your foot in the door, it’s easy to learn more about game development and how a game studio works from the inside out. From there, the possibilities are up to you to take them or leave them.

In your work, you’ll usually be part of a collaborative creative team of game designers and artists. Your task will mainly be in the area of coding, which tells the computer or system what to do to get the game played. Aspiring video game developers can choose from many different tools and programs for learning coding languages. Consider looking for guided courses like those offered by MasterClass, CodeAcademy, and Udemy.

While working in video game development can be challenging, it can also be rewarding to be involved in creating something you’re passionate about. A bachelor’s degree in computer science or software engineering gives a candidate a certain competitive advantage. You may have a lot of talent and skill; however, a certification or completion of a relevant program demonstrates detailed knowledge and a solid foundation in the field.

So, if you’ve helped develop a few indie games or develop your own games, this could be your golden ticket to your first well-paying job. Even if your experience isn’t extensive, those things can be skipped if you can show something that impresses. A great way to get your foot in the door and build your portfolio is to join a team or company that designs indie games. They are usually more flexible and open to new talent, as their budget is usually smaller. Working on an indie game also forces you to wear a lot of hats to get a better understanding of the whole process. Who knows, you might even be part of building the next Crash Bandicoot.

The good news is that aspiring game developers can download all of these engines for free, so you can play around with the mechanics and get an idea of how the engine works. Engine knowledge is another great requirement in game development tasks, so be sure to take steps to check that box early. Post screenshots and videos, use relevant hashtags, and get started as a video game designer. If you’re connected to people who actively promote or participate in game development and have a significant fan base, you can get a lot of new eyes on your project.