Tips For Traveling To Italy: Things You Need To Know Before Visiting

To make sure you’re super ready for your trip to Italy, you should also check out these common travel mistakes in Italy and how to avoid them. When you travel by public transport, buying your tickets at the bus or train station is not enough. You must validate them on the small machines nearby to prove that you are using the ticket at that time and there. Italians are friendly and polite people, but I still find that learning a few words in their language will take you a long way. “Ciao” can be used for hello and goodbye, “Grazie” is used everywhere to thank you, and when a local lets you out for an Italian, say “Non-Capisco” (I don’t understand). For decades, Italy has been at the top of many travelers’ lists.

Wherever you go in Italy, you can learn about new foods, dishes and eating habits of locals, and that variety makes food tours extra special. If you are visiting Italy in the summer, please check your hotel or apartment before booking. Occasionally you also owe tourist tax on day trips. Most Italians pay for things with cash on a daily basis, from their morning coffee to dinner, so don’t pull out your card to pay for a coke.

Some restaurants bring bread to the table for your meal, and it’s usually not “free.” Hotels will usually ask for the tax at the beginning of the stay, but most won’t make a big deal by having to pay for departure at any time if you don’t have cash at check-in. It doesn’t matter if you’re eating at a fancy restaurant or eating pizza on plastic plates, there are some table manners that give you nothing but dirty looks. You’re probably already paying a surcharge through the service on your restaurant bill and/or coperto. Of course, people in the service sector love these international tippers, but I think it’s correct to point out that tips are by no means mandatory. If you’re in Italy, you can buy a phone plan there if you stay longer, or make sure your business you already have doesn’t charge you too much.

The northern half, from Rome up, or the southern half of Rome down. The list is endless, all you have to do is choose what’s right for you. Eric Hoffman is co-founder of Food And Drink Destinations. Eric is a lifelong traveler who is passionate about Trenino Rosso helping people learn to travel to eat. He lives with his wife Amber in Limerick, Ireland, after living in Spain for 3 years. Over the past 20 years, they have traveled together to over 70 countries, always looking for great travel experiences.

There are also walking tours of cities such as Rome, Venice and Florence. With museums, churches and archaeological sites, Italy feels like a lesson for everyone to learn. For some it’s pizzas, for others it’s art and paintings. You literally get lost in the beauty of the art that the country has to offer.