6 Reasons Why Clear LED Displays Are Effective

The transparent screen body shall be transported to the installation site and carefully placed and protected. Transparent LED screens are perfect for businesses that want to make a significant impact without too much space. If you’d like to learn more about bright LED displays or request one for your business, contact our team today. They also have low heat performance, which allows them to operate at higher temperatures without malfunctioning. Finally, these screens also help with posting temporary messages, adding them in a loop, or creating a special playlist for the ads they want customers to see. The transparent LED display provides this transparent look and at the same time provides complete protection.

Flexible LED screens suspended from the ceiling in irregular shapes are full of character and debauchery, perfect for entertainment venues such as outdoor stages and concerts. Regular long and flexible LED displays, on the other hand, are perfect for shopping malls to display product information on the shelves. In addition, outdoor LED displays must be leak-proof, waterproof and heat-resistant, especially for outdoor performance scenarios and exterior glass walls.

To create the ideal customer journey, each step must be clearly marked and marked. There’s a reason supermarkets are designed the way they are: they rely on predictable human behavior; And where behavior can fail, they indicate the path with brand signage. In the digital age, posters are being replaced by LED TVs when it comes to in-store navigation.

The transparent LED display itself has a feel for science and technology, of course there can be many solutions in the science and technology museum. ▸ When a particular LED light bar is damaged, only the single light bar needs to be replaced and the whole module does not need to be replaced. Maintenance can be carried out indoors with high efficiency and low cost.

This new technology has adequately solved the problem of a retail store. With the acceleration of urban construction, transparent LED screens are light and thin, no steel frame structure, easy installation and maintenance, good permeability, etc. It is a blow with the glass curtain wall, applied to the glass curtain wall is not only a feeling of non-violation. It is also due to the fashion, beauty, modern and technological atmosphere, adding a special beauty to urban architecture. For example, the transparent LED display has received unanimous recognition in the market and has received a lot of attention and enthusiasm. ● The most common transparent LED screens can be found in some high-rises, shopping malls and other glass curtain walls and cannot be seen from the outside.

The software is easy to use and many brands even have free versions available for download. Another feature that makes LED displays customizable is their ease of installation and maintenance; Many models do not even require professional installation. Because aluminum alloy is the primary building material, even the largest units weigh surprisingly low at about 7 pounds per square foot and arrive as modular panels that you can easily join together. It is easy to install the LED screen; You can do it yourself or get help from trained professionals.

Each LED light bar is only 2mm thick and the gaps between the light bars are parallel to form a transparent effect. We are fortunate to provide transparent LED display services for many Vietnamese companies and international brand customers, and we have received praise from many customers. All kinds of content can be displayed, and the wall screen is more appealing to any audience. So don’t be too late to maximize the revolutionary benefits of the transparent LED display. With all these benefits and highlights, buyers can be sure that they are making the best decision to invest in a transparent LED display and see how valuable the decision is. It can be connected to a computer, graphics card, and external transceiver via a network cable, or it can be controlled wirelessly via an external cluster to change the display content at any time.

This time, go with LED display to attract more customers and make a good impression about your brand in them. Such a form of advertising will certainly make your store look different from led screen supplier others. The own power consumption is small, the average power consumption is less than 280W / ㎡ and it does not require traditional cooling systems and air conditioners to dissipate heat.

Because this series of products not only offers a special transparent texture, which blends into the surrounding space, but also presents unique content with the most standard and clear color display mode. Customers should not be able to take their eyes off the transparent LED display during the show. The NR rental series instantly adopts LED light design to shine, making the screen richer and brighter and maintaining high permeability. Vertical and horizontal viewing angles are above 160° and 65-90% transparency helps support any event space you plan to install, provide a stylish business experience and impress customers. However, they are particularly effective and are widely used in the field of advertising, brand promotion. A transparent LED display has more possibilities in shape and size than a traditional LED display, including column, pillar, circle, triangle, etc., to enhance the aesthetic effect and give potential audiences a refreshing feeling.

The transparent LED display is lightweight, easy to install and does not require complicated supporting steel construction, which can save a lot of installation costs. With convenient operation, the installation of the outdoor LED display is easy and fast. The structure of the screen is made of aluminum, not too cumbersome conductor and with a weight of only 12kg/m2 has been an advantage that LED screens often cannot match. Because of this feature, it is not possible to hang transparent screens in high positions and still be safe. With a transparency of 70%-95%, Glimm Screens has created a super transparent LED display.