First Things You Can Do With Your New Android Phone

Factory reset protection is automatically enabled when you have a secure lock screen turned on. Make sure to reset your phone no less than 24 hours after changing your Google password, otherwise a 72-hour break-in lock will be activated. To disable reset protection for a new user to login to the phone, simply disable the secure lock screen or enable OEM unlocking in Developer Options.

This allows you to select a new default value the next time you take an action. There is nothing worse than losing or breaking a phone to realize that your photos are not backed up. You can prevent this by simply opening the Google Photos app and following the instructions to enable automatic backup. This compresses your photos, but they look surprisingly good. To save the original image, you can choose to use the Drive storage space. The Android notification settings are a bit confusing at the moment.

This feature was exclusive to Pixel for a few months, but has since been implemented on all Android phones with Marshmallow or higher. Assistant understands more context and natural language than Google’s old voice search function and can be integrated with third-party services such as IFTTT, Samsung SmartThings APN Settings and Nest. He’s great at home automation and internet search and can even read you the news of the day. Most phones come with some pre-installed apps that you don’t want to keep. Some pre-installed bloat can normally be removed using the Play Store or search for it in the application settings menu.

Viewers can pause or move forward quickly, and everything remains synchronous. You can even switch to chat for iMessage while looking or sharing on your screen. The feature will subtitle any video played live even without a data connection.

Your phone generally has limited storage space and creating space for data can help improve performance. When you’re full of photos, videos, podcasts and music, you have to go through and clean the thing. And if you use Android 8.0 Oreo or higher, you can easily clean up space using the built-in smart storage feature. For more tips on how to create more space on your phone, see our article on freeing up storage space on Android devices. All Android phones offer different forms of secure lock screens.